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Choose by material : Clip Close Carrier Bags
A twin clip carrier is manufactured using a consisitent gauge, but has two plastic handles which clip together to close the bag and form a comfortable handle. There is a wide choice of handle styles available.

Materials: HDPE or LDPE
Colours: White, Clear, Frosted or Standard*
Sizes are generally as per your requirements. These are maximum and minimum sizes, as the bag needs to be large enough for a handle to be fitted, or to be able to fit into handle fitting machines.
Minimum order: 10,000
Printing colours: Up to 4 colours

Lead times subject to location of manufacture (4 to 12 weeks)

Manufactured in: United Kingdom European Union China

Our Company arrange the production of retail clip close carrier bags. The Companys employees have the knowledge to help shops buy unique clip close carrier bags. To order choose by material or different styles of , get in touch with our staff via your preferred method.
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