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Choose by material : Full Coverage TOT LDPE Flexiloop
Flexiloop carrier bags can be printed with full ink coverage up to 6 or even 8 colours depending on quantity. The bags can be produced from a variety of different colour polythenes. If the quantity is sufficient (based on weight of polythene) then the material can be extruded to any colour desired. The bag shown here is only printed in 2 colours onto a white LDPE 50mu polythene. The handles are a black LDPE polythene. The full specification is as follows:

TOT Flexiloop carrier bags
Quantity: 5,000 min
50mu White LDPE
2 colours, 100%
Black LDPE handle

We arrange the production of exhibition full coverage tot ldpe flexiloop. Our staff are happy to help shops choose unique full coverage tot ldpe flexiloop. For choose by material or different styles of , connect with our team via your preferred method.
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