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Choose by material : Varigauge on coloured polythene bag
The sample shown here is of a varigauge bag printed onto an Ivory LDPE. The print is a two colour black and red print. Note, when printing onto coloured LDPE, the base colour can affect the finished ink colour. This is particularly noticeable for white inks and lighter colour inks. For metallics, black and dark inks, the base material colour affects the printing much less if at all.

The specification of a bag like this is as follows:
Varigauge carrier bag
Quantity: 1,000+
Size: 15"x18"+3"
45/90mu Ivory LDPE
Punched hole handle
Printed 2 colours, both sides.

These bags are ideal for exhibitions, promotions, small stores and one off low run prints. They can also be supplied with short lead times, sometimes within 7 working days. offer a design service for retail varigauge on coloured polythene bag. Our in house sales staff are happy to help shops buy the right varigauge on coloured polythene bag. To start designing your choose by material or other , connect with our offices via your preferred method.
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