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Choose by material : Carrier Bags Eco
Beckdale can supply all kinds of eco carrier bags. There are many different styles and materials which can be used. Apart from degradeable additives which can be added to polythene materials, the main other types as shown here are as follows:

Recycled paper Bags
Cotton Carrier Bags
Jute Carrier Bags

Of the recycled paper carrier bags, there are flat counter bags, side gusseted bags, SOS paper bags (with twisted paper or paper tape handles) and luxury paper bags. Some of the paper bags are only available to be produced from partially recycled materials. Machine settings generally determine the size of most of these bags. Printing can be very detailed though.

The cotton and jute carrier bags are produced to users specific sizes as they are mostly hand made. These can only be printed to a lesser detail than papers as the material texture prohibits fine artwork. design and supply a multitude of carrier bags eco. The Companys office team love to help shops select tailored carrier bags eco. To proceed with choose by material or other , contact our offices via your preferred method.
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