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Choose by material : Tape Handled Paper Bag - 2 colour
Tape handled SOS Paper Carrier Bags are an ideal cheap paper carrier bag. For like for like specifications, they usually work out to be the most economically priced paper carrier bag with handles. These can be printed to a high level using lithographic prcesses. The sample shown here is printed 2 colours only, in pantone inks.

These bags can be made to the nearest machine settings available. When asking for prices, please suggest the nearest or ideal size that you require. We will then advise the closest machine sizes available.

Tape handled paper bags can be produced on brown or white paper with matching handles. Papers usually contain some recycled content, if not 100% recycled.

We offer a design service for retail tape handled paper bag 2 colour. Our in house sales staff are happy to help customers buy tailored tape handled paper bag 2 colour. To proceed with choose by material or other , please contact our staff using your preferred method.
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