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Choose by material : White Kraft Paper Counter Bag
Paper counter bags can be supplied up to full colour print, in order to promote anything you require. The sample shown here is promoting a theatre show. The print quality is not as high as printing onto higher quality papers, although improvements are always being made. These bags are a very economical way to distribute your adverts, either via a hand out at local food stalls or markets or over the counter for small items. It is common for promotion companies to advertise by giving the bags away to end users in order for them to hand out and distribute the promotion. Full colour prints usually have minimums of 25,000, but simpler 1 colour prints can be supplied in quantities as low as 10,000.

We offer a design service for various types of white kraft paper counter bag. office team have the knowledge to help clients decide on designer white kraft paper counter bag. To discuss choose by material or similar , contact our offices via our contact page.
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