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Choose by material : TOT Flexiloop 2c Carrier Bag
Flexi-loop polythene carrier bags are ideal when you have just that little bit more shopping as the handles allow extra carrying capacity. Easier on the hands as well due to the quality/thickness of the handles. The same prinicple applies as varigauge polythene bags or patch handle bags for guage of polythene. Variloop carriers have double the thickness at the top of the bag to give strength around the handle area, and can be printed with spot colours. Flexi-loop TOT carriers are of a standard gauge of polythene throughout and can be printed with single or in CMYK process prints. Both types of carrier are available in a variety of colours with matching or contrasting handles also available.

The spcification of the carrier bag shown here is as follows:

TOT Flexiloop Carrier Bag
5,000 minimum quantity
16"x18"+3" (Width x Height + Base Gusset)White LDPE Flexiloop Handle

Beckdale assist in the creation of retail tot flexiloop 2c carrier bag. Beckdales employees have the knowledge to help purchasers choose unique tot flexiloop 2c carrier bag. To obtain choose by material or other , connect with our offices using your preferred method.
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