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Full Coverage TOT LDPE Flexiloop

LD Printed Patch handle carrier Bags

Recycled Paper Bags

Rope Handled Polythene Carrier Bags

Full Colour Internal Tape Handle SOS Paper Carrier Bag

Vest Carrier Bags
Full Coverage TOT LDPE Flexiloop
(5 000 Plastic Flex)
Flexiloop carrier bags can be printed with full ink coverage up to 6 or even 8 colours depending on quantity. The bags can be produced from a variety of different colour polythenes. If the quantity is sufficient (based on weight of polythene) then the material can be extruded to any colour desired. The bag shown here is only printed in 2 colours onto a white LDPE 50mu polythene. The handles are a black LDPE polythene. The full specification is as follows:

TOT Flexiloop carrier bags
Quantity: 5,000 min
50mu White LDPE
2 colours, 100%
Black LDPE handle

LD Printed Patch handle carrier Bags
(5 000 Printed Poly)
Patch handle polythene bags are one of the most widely used carrier bags. They are commonly used on the high street for fashion outlets and sports outlets and also used in many exhibition or promotional situations.

The bags have reinforced handles. A small patch of polythene is placed behind the handle location during manufacture so that when the handle hole is punched out, the surrounding LDPE or HDPE is supported by an extra layer of usually clear polythene. This adds far great strength around this area and allows the carrier bag to be used for longer periods and carry more weight. Without the patch insert, the handle area tends to be one of the weaker spots on a carrier bag as when in use correctly, the handle will have to support all of the contents of the carrier bag. The bags are commonly side welded and produced with a base gusset to allow greater capacity within the bag.

The bag in the image has the following specification:

Patch handle carrier bag
Quantity: 5,000+ (min quantity is 5,000)
Size: 12"x16"+3" : Height x Width + Base Gusset
45mu White LDPE
Punched reinforced handle
Printed 2 colours, both sides, with 100% ink coverage.

The bags are usually packed in outer cardboard boxes in quantities of 500 or 1,000. Deliveries can be made to any location around the UK or exported too. Beckdale can assist with all artwork and design processes of all carrier bags. A sample bag is not possible on this style of bag due to the machine set up requirements.

Recycled Paper Bags
(5 000 Recycled-car)

Material: Brown recycled paper.
Handle: Paper tape fixed internally and folded
Minimum order: 5,000+ (Prices per 1,000)
Sizes: Subject to nearest machine settings. Please suggest required size and we will supply nearest quotations.
Printing: 1 colour up to 4 colours, process colours are better printed onto white paper.
Manufactured in: European Union or China
Lead times subject to location of manufacture (4 to 8 weeks)

The internal paper handles on this carrier bag are fixed internally and shipped within the bag. The handles are then pulled out as required. This allows for the carton size to be smaller and allows a minor reduction in shipping costs within the quoted price. Similar styles of this bag can be produced with external tape handles (usually cheaper) or twisted paper handles (fixed internally).

These bags are an ideal solution as they are 100% degradeable and produced from green sources.

Alternative paper source can be used if required, such as paper from sustainable forests.

Rope Handled Polythene Carrier Bags
(5 000 Rope Handle )
We can supply bespoke polythene carrier bags with rop handles. These are very popular among the younger female generation as the handle can easily be shoulder length and the overall usage of the bag is similar to a material shoulder bag.

The bag design is a side and base gusseted carrier bag, which opens out in a similar way to the rope handled luxury paper bags. The bags need to have a card reinforcement at the top and metal eyelets, as the rope needs a strong support to attach to. The handle can be either a rope, as shown here (PP rope, 5mm diameter), cotton or ribbon.

The specifcation of a polythene bag like this is as follows:

Rope handled LDPE carrier bag:
Quantity: 5,000+ (min qty = 5,000)
320mm (W) x 290mm (H) x 90mm (G)
60mu White LDPE
Metal eyelets
Top and base card reinforcement
5mm dia Green PP rope. Short
printed CMYK, both sides, 30% ink.

Full Colour Internal Tape Handle SOS Paper Carrier Bag
(5 000 SOS Tape Pap)
These bags are manufactured completely by machine, and as such are limited in the sizes available. The printing can be up to full colour including spot colours. Usually the total number of colours can be 8 (so 4 spot colours and process print too). The bags are manufactured from medium weight papers and are aimed at being a cost effective yet environmentally friendly quality paper bag. These are completely degradeable and most sources of the paper are from recycled material to some extent. The handles on this type of bag are supplied within the bag, glued to the bag using a paper patch. For use the handles can be easily lifted out and contents entered into the bag. Because the handles are within the bag, box sizes and shipping are reduced - yet another eco friendly reason to buy this style of carrier bag. They are manufactured in a variety of countries, so the smaller the packaging, the lower the carbon footprint.

The specification for the above bag is as follows:

SOS Paper Carrier bag (Self Opening)
Quantity: 5,000+ (min 3k depending on sizes)
70gsm White Paper
Process print {CMYK} + 1 spot colour, 100% coverage
Internally folded brown paper handles
Size: 280mm x 345mm + 80mm

Vest Carrier Bags
(5 000 T-Shirt Bag)
Vest carrier bags are an ideal cheap carrier bag perfect for inexpensive items. These are commonly known as t-shirt bags or supermarket bags. Our minimum quantity up to 2 colour printing is only 50,000. Please contact us for more details.

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