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Full Colour Internal Tape Handle SOS Paper Carrier Bag

Tape Handled Paper Bag 2 colour

Flat handle kraft paper bags
Tape Handled Takeaway Bags
(Tape Handle SOS Flat handle )
The tape handled paper bag is the most common form of a quality paper takeaway food bag. With a side and base gusset, the bag opens out to give a supportive base and plenty of room for contents. For printed bags the sizes are generally as required, so should be designed around accommodating your most popular combinations. Most takeaway food containers, see CaterPack for ideas, are designed to work in conjunction with these bags to give the customer a stable way to carry their food.

The sample shown here is a two colour print onto a white kraft paper, with external tape handles.

Recycled Paper Bags
(Tape Handle SOS Recycled-car)

Material: Brown recycled paper.
Handle: Paper tape fixed internally and folded
Minimum order: 5,000+ (Prices per 1,000)
Sizes: Subject to nearest machine settings. Please suggest required size and we will supply nearest quotations.
Printing: 1 colour up to 4 colours, process colours are better printed onto white paper.
Manufactured in: European Union or China
Lead times subject to location of manufacture (4 to 8 weeks)

The internal paper handles on this carrier bag are fixed internally and shipped within the bag. The handles are then pulled out as required. This allows for the carton size to be smaller and allows a minor reduction in shipping costs within the quoted price. Similar styles of this bag can be produced with external tape handles (usually cheaper) or twisted paper handles (fixed internally).

These bags are an ideal solution as they are 100% degradeable and produced from green sources.

Alternative paper source can be used if required, such as paper from sustainable forests.

Full Colour Internal Tape Handle SOS Paper Carrier Bag
(Tape Handle SOS SOS Tape Pap)
These bags are manufactured completely by machine, and as such are limited in the sizes available. The printing can be up to full colour including spot colours. Usually the total number of colours can be 8 (so 4 spot colours and process print too). The bags are manufactured from medium weight papers and are aimed at being a cost effective yet environmentally friendly quality paper bag. These are completely degradeable and most sources of the paper are from recycled material to some extent. The handles on this type of bag are supplied within the bag, glued to the bag using a paper patch. For use the handles can be easily lifted out and contents entered into the bag. Because the handles are within the bag, box sizes and shipping are reduced - yet another eco friendly reason to buy this style of carrier bag. They are manufactured in a variety of countries, so the smaller the packaging, the lower the carbon footprint.

The specification for the above bag is as follows:

SOS Paper carrier bag (Self Opening)
Quantity: 5,000+ (min 3k depending on sizes)
70gsm White Paper
Process print {CMYK} + 1 spot colour, 100% coverage
Internally folded brown paper handles
Size: 280mm x 345mm + 80mm

Tape Handled Paper Bag 2 colour
(Tape Handle SOS Tape Handle)
Tape handled SOS Paper Carrier Bags are an ideal cheap paper carrier bag. For like for like specifications, they usually work out to be the most economically priced paper carrier bag with handles. These can be printed to a high level using lithographic prcesses. The sample shown here is printed 2 colours only, in pantone inks.

These bags can be made to the nearest machine settings available. When asking for prices, please suggest the nearest or ideal size that you require. We will then advise the closest machine sizes available.

Tape handled paper bags can be produced on brown or white paper with matching handles. Papers usually contain some recycled content, if not 100% recycled.

Flat handle kraft paper bags
(Tape Handle SOS Tape Paper C)
The tape handled paper bags are an ideal way to package your items in a cost effective yet distinguished fashion. The paper can usually be supplied from recycled sources and will degrade as usual once disposed of. The bags can be printed up to full colour, in various sizes (machine settings vary). We can also help you to design your carrier bag by supplying preproduction designs to your requirements, giving you a full appreciation of the carrier bag before it is printed. Preproduction samples of this style of bag are not possible due to machine set up times. We can however, supply you with samples of previous work to show you the quality of bag.

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